Dallas 1963 by Bill Minutaglio, Steven L. Davis
May 19
Dallas 1963 by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis

I learned a great deal about the extremism that exploded in Dallas after John F. Kennedy was elected president. Dallas was ground zero for Kennedy hatred in 1963; it was led by the John Birch Society; a rabid military nut, General Edwin Walker; the publisher of the Dallas Morning News, Ted Dealey; the Texas oil man, H.L. Hunt; and many others.

It was also a city that attracted a strip club owner, Jack Ruby, and, of course, Lee Harvey Oswald.

This fine piece of journalism and research is a well-written and fast-paced read. It focuses on the insanity of the forces on the right, but there were good people, too, including Stanley Marcus, founder of Neiman Marcus, who warned LBJ that JFK should not visit Dallas because of the right-wing radicals rampant in the city.

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