Ferrari by Mailander by Karl E. Ludvigsen

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Ferrari by Mailander by Karl E. Ludvigsen
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Be it a road car or racing car, no automobile can match Ferrari for sheer iconic glamour and excitement. One man had unique access to the company, its people and its products during the years from 1950 to 1955 when Ferrari surged from a brash newcomer to a dominant force in Grand Prix and sports cars. Rodolfo Mailander here presents his intimate portraits of this stirring era with the help of his friend Karl Ludvigsen, whose world famous Library holds the Mailander archive. Enhancing appreciation of Rodolfo Mailanders insightful images is commentary by the photographer himself and by Ludvigsen, who has been a friend of Mailander for almost 50 years. Both men contribute introductions that set the scene for this story of the formative years of one of the greatest automotive marques. A treat for the Ferrari enthusiast is a tabulation of serial numbers of the cars illustrated, provided by renowned Ferrari expert Marcel Massini.

Ferrari by Mailander by Karl E. Ludvigsen is one of David Kelley’s favorite books.