The Missing Piece by Antoine Bello

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The Missing Piece by Antoine Bello
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The Missing Piece by Antoine Bello

When an American billionaire and media mogul decides to revive the fortunes of the jigsaw puzzle, he sets up an International Speed Puzzle Circuit. In this new twist, players from around the world compete against the clock to solve puzzles, while millions watch on television or stadium screens. A puzzle craze sweeps the nation.

It soon becomes clear that a serial killer is targeting key players on the circuit. Each of the bodies is discovered missing a limb, with only a Polaroid of a corresponding limb from another body in its place. Suspecting that the killer is putting together a macabre puzzle of his own, the authorities rush to solve the case.

Given forty-eight “pieces” of evidence–including e-mail, newspaper articles, meeting minutes, media interviews, and letters–the reader is encouraged to find the solution to this bizarre and fascinating enigma. Intriguing, ingenious, and gripping throughout, The Missing Piece is part detective novel, part puzzle, and entirely entertaining.

The Missing Piece by Antoine Bello is one of Roberto Bolano’s favorite books