Quicksand by Henning Mankell

June 4, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ memoir

henning mankell quicksand

Quicksand by Henning Mankell is a sublime and extraordinary read.

Only a person with rich, adventurous and diverse experiences, a person who has traveled widely, a person with the time to think  and read deeply about the world could have written this hybrid of essay and memoir.

The stories are comprised of sixty-seven short vignettes that are both profound and revealing. Mankell covers ancient cave paintings, running off to Paris at sixteen, reading books to understand where came from in Greece, Pina Bausch, a church buried in sand, Africanizing Aristophanes in war-torn Mozambique, nuclear waste and I could go on and on.

Mankell wrote Quicksand after being diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes it takes a person who is dying to write about life and being human. His great soul shines throughout this wonderful gift to the world.

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