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Paul Verlaine- Selected Poems

Paul Verlaine: Selected Poems Verlaine ranks alongside Baudelaire, Mallarmé, and Rimbaud as one of the most influential poets of late nineteenth-century France. Remarkable not only for his exquisitel
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities by Delmore Schwartz

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities by Delmore Schwartz A new edition of the definitive book on the depression-era immigrant experience in New York City. Now with an exciting new preface by rock musician
The Voyeur by Alain Robbe-Grillet

The Voyeur by Alain Robbe-Grillet Mathias, a timorous, ineffectual traveling salesman, returns to the island of his birth after a long absence. Two days later, a thirteen-year-old girl is found drowne
Zazie in the Metro by Raymond Queneau

Zazie in the Metro by Raymond Queneau Impish, foul-mouthed Zazie arrives in Paris from the country to stay with Gabriel, her female-impersonator uncle. All she really wants to do is ride the metro, bu
Exercises de style by Raymond Queneau

Exercises de Style by Raymond Queneau “A work of genius in a brilliant translation by Barbara Wright….Endlessly fascinating and very funny.” ―Philip Pullman The plot of Exercises in Style is s
Alexander Pushkin- The Collected Stories

Alexander Pushkin: The Collected Stories Pushkin’s prose tales are the foundation stones on which the great novels of Turgenev, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky were built, but they are also brilliant and fa
The Three Fat Men by Yury Olesha

The Three Fat Men by Yury Olesha Doctor Gaspar Arney What a clever man is he! He can trap the sliest fox, He can crack the hardest rocks, He can fly from here to Mars, He can reach the farthest stars
Vladislav Khodasevich- Selected Poems

Vladislav Khodasevich: Selected Poems Vladislav Khodasevich (1886-1939), deleted from literary history in the Soviet era because of his emigration in 1922 with his partner Nina Berberova, has since be
John Keats- The Complete Poems

John Keats: The Complete Poems Keats’s first volume of poems, published in 1817, demonstrated both his belief in the consummate power of poetry and his liberal views. While he was criticized by
Ilf & Petrov's American Road Trip by Ilf and Petrov

Ilf & Petrov’s American Road Trip by Ilf and Petrov In 1935, well into the era of Soviet communism, Russian satirical writers Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov came to the U.S as special correspond
Collected Poems of A. E. Housman

Collected Poems of A. E. Housman Housman’s melodic and memorable poems have been popular for over a century. He writes typically of lost love, of the brevity of happiness, of young soldiers doom
Petersburg by Andrei Bely

Petersburg by Andrei Bely After enlisting in a revolutionary terrorist organization, the university student Nikolai Apollonovich Ableukhov is entrusted with a highly dangerous mission: to plant a bomb