David Bowie's Favorite Books

David Bowie’s Favorite Books Categorized

To try and understand David Bowie’s favorite books, I broke them into categories based on genre, geography, art, music comics, and more....
    Hemingway and Fitzgerald

    Fitzgerald and Hemingway

    In this sample of “Three A.M.”  we feature Ernest Hemingway, who Scott fawned over, while Zelda hated him with a passion. ...
      dj taylor orwell the new life

      The Best Recent Books about George Orwell

      George Orwell is probably the most written about writer ever and here are the best recent books about Orwell....
        Inside orwell by Joseph Raffetto

        Inside Orwell by Joseph Raffetto

        Who is George Orwell? That’s the question my novella “Inside Orwell attempts to answer. It’s a short piece, around 20,000 words, and covers the...
          the voyeur by Alain robe-grillet one of the best mysteries ever
          Best Favorites

          Some of the Best Mysteries and Thrillers Ever

          George Orwell was a huge fan of Maugham. Ashenden is as good a spy fiction as you will ever read....