The best online and offline booksellers that I use to purchase used, new, and audible books. Price isn’t the only issue for me. I often check my local bookstore, so I can support them, but they don’t always have the book I’m looking for in stock, so I buy most of my books from the below online book retailers.

I’m a fan of Alibris. A lot of physical bookstore sell on there, so it has an excellent selection of used books. The prices competitive with any bookseller. The site is easy to navigate and well organize. Alibris is one of my favorite sites to shop for books on. They sell music and films too.

Obviously, Amazon has a huge selection of books, but their used books can be found on Alibris and BetterWorldBooks as well, and their used books are the same price as their smaller competitors. One of the biggest benefits of Amazon is the easy returns. Once I bought a book from them and went to return it, but they reimbursed me and said to just keep the book. I guess it wasn’t worth the price to return it. Buying new book is probably cheaper than anywhere else.

I love Audible books and listen to at least two a month. I subscribe to the $22.95 for two book credits each month plan, and you receive 30% or so off when you purchase books without credits. Audible also offers you three books for $30 when you are a subscriber. They have a great selection and some of the narrators are amazing. Juliet Stevenson narrating Virginia Woolf elevates the experience, and I sometimes feel listening to certain books is more enjoyable that reading one.

I buy a lot of books on BetterWorldBooks. It has a great selection, as good as any used book seller. and it has an easy to navigate user interface. Its constant flow of discounts and sales has lured me in to buy books a number of times.

On BetterWorldBooks History page they write: “we have raised millions of dollars for literacy, saved millions of books from landfills, created jobs for hundreds of people, and provided wonderful books to millions of readers worldwide.”

Bookshop’s mission is to support independent bookstores. They give away up to 75% of their profits to bookstores, publications, and authors. What a great idea, and it keeps gaining in popularity.

I like the books they feature in their well-organized categories. Bookshop is a high-quality site we recommend strongly.

Everyone would love to have a Powells bookstore in their town. They have a knowledgable and friendly staff that can make the experience of buying a book a fun and cultural experience. I used to work at a great bookstore, Earthling Bookshop in Santa Barbara, and It was pleasure to discuss books with customers. Powells claims they are the largest independent bookseller of used and new books.

If you want to support a bricks-and-mortar bookstore, Powells is a great choice. They offer a diverse perspective and Powell’s staff do an excellent job of recommending your next read that they post on their site.